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5 Signs and More to Help Make Your TMA and Your Work Site Safer

Truck mounted attenuators are designed to keep your workers and your equipment safe. They absorb the impact if a car barrels toward your work zone. Ideally, however, you only want to rely on your truck mounted attenuators as a last line of defense. To make that possible, you need to have safety signs and other visibility tools in place to help keep drivers away. Here's a look at what you might want to consider:

1. Work Zone Ahead

So that traffic doesn't hit you, you need to advertise your presence. Ideally, you should have signs stationed several metres in front of your truck mounted attenuator that say "work zone ahead", "people working", or something to that effect.

2. Traffic Direction Signs

On top of telling drivers that they are approaching a work zone, you also want signs that guide the drivers away from the work zone. That may include signs with arrows that direct traffic into an outside lane. In some cases, you may even want a large illuminated arrow on the truck-mounted attenuator itself.

3. Slow Down

If traffic is moving at full pace next to you, that presents extra dangers. To reduce that risk, you need signs that say slow down. Depending on the setup of your work site, you may want to post signs that let drivers know exactly how fast they are allowed to go.

Alternatively, if you only have one lane available, you may need a person to hold up a stop sign to prevent the traffic from one direction from moving and another person holding up a "slow" sign to allow the traffic from the other direction to come through the area.

4. LED Lights

This is not a sign per se, but it can help to make the truck mounted attenuator more noticeable. You may want to add strips of LED lights or reflective tape to the sides of the attenuator. This is especially helpful if you are working at night.

5. Emotional Signs

Finally, you may want some safety signs that really tug at the heartstrings of drivers. Something to the effect of "slow down my mommy or daddy works here" can remind drivers that the construction workers are real people who don't deserve to be run over by a speeding car. Together, all these signs help to prevent people from hitting your TMA, while also boosting the safety of your workers.