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Simple Steps to a Safe CD Duplication Process

When you're in need of a CD duplication service, it's natural to worry about whether your data will remain safe. Whether you're a musician worrying about copyright protection or you're trying to protect your company's data, there are ways to prevent and deter others from stealing what's on your CD. 

Ask questions about the CD replication company's privacy standards

Before you choose a CD replication company, ask them about their privacy standards. Companies with high standards will likely state that

  • they'll never release information regarding your order or the CD's content
  • they'll refrain from handing your details over to other companies
  • they'll remain honest about the information they do hold on your file and how they choose to store it

If you continue to work with a duplication company, holding your data on file is important. However, if you don't feel comfortable with this, discuss the matter with the individual managing your purchase. 

Use a dual layer DVD disc to make unauthorised replications less likely

Alongside holding large quantities of data that you cannot overwrite, it's less likely that a data thief can copy a dual-layer DVD. In most cases, those who want to commit piracy can only use a single layer DVD, which has a smaller capacity. As such, they'll struggle to retrieve all the data you place into a DVD-R. Finally, even with the right amount of determination, those who don't possess high-tech CD duplication software will struggle to successfully copy a dual-layer disc. Because of this, they're less likely to go to the effort of infringing on your copyright.

Add a digital watermark to the marketing materials you use 

Using a digital watermark as a part of your branding is a psychological tactic. While not everyone will pay attention to a copyright warning, those who believe it's safe to copy material without one may do so. Similarly, persons who feel as though a watermark means they're more likely to face prosecution will avoid copying your data. You can extend a digital watermark to the CD itself, the cover, and other forms of packaging.

Inquire about CD replication protection software

Depending on the material you want to replicate, there are packages that will keep your work safe. For example, some will incorporate security elements such as laser locks. Such elements stand as barriers between your material and the individual trying to copy them.

If unsafe CD duplication is an issue that causes you concern, always speak to a professional. With the right knowledge, they can put your worries at ease.