Being the Best in the Business

A Guide on How to Start and Grow Your Wedding Hire Business.

Many people choose to formalise their marriage through a formal wedding ceremony. As such, wedding hire is a lucrative business in many parts of the world. The extract below provides a few tips to people that would want to invest in wedding hire. 


It may be difficult for start-ups to provide all kinds of wedding hire services. Therefore, you should conduct some research to determine the best entry point. For example, you could choose to provide wedding décor, cakes, gowns, catering services, or tent hire. 

What services do similar businesses in your locality provide? What services are in most demand? Can you identify any market gaps? Examine the starting capital of the various businesses you may be interested in. If you have insufficient funds, consider taking out a low-interest bank loan.


How will you market your business? Start small by asking friends and family for referrals. Most people will only give a referral if they are confident that you will provide quality services. Therefore, never compromise on quality. As your business grows, you could put up adverts on local radio and television stations. Wedding and bridal expos are also an effective way to market your business. During the expo, you will meet prospective clients and interact with other business people to learn new market trends.  

Customer Relations

Maintaining good customer relations is one of the best ways to build your brand name and increase your customer base. Below are some customer relations tips;

  1. Reply to customer inquiries on time. Customers may lose interest in your business if you do not pick calls or take too long to reply to emails.
  2. The goal of your business should be to exceed the customer's expectations. Therefore, always go the extra mile.
  3. Train yourself how to be an excellent communicator. Listen first, then speak later.
  4. If you cannot meet your customer's demands or deadlines, let the customer know in advance.
  5. Your staff members must be courteous to customers. Train them basic etiquette tips and ask them to prioritise the needs of your clients.


For a new business, your pricing should be a bit lower than the industry rate. It is an incentive to encourage new customers to invest in your business. From the onset, give your clients a quote of the various services you provide. Be open about extra and hidden costs. Prepare a contract detailing the services provided, how and when the customer should make payments. This will help prevent disputes. 

Always rely on research before opening your wedding hire business. Grow your business through effective advertising, excellent customer relations, and a friendly pricing strategy.