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The Importance Of Enlisting The Services Of A Geotechnical Engineer Before Construction

The process of engaging in residential construction may seem as simple as having a lot, the funds and the right construction contractors. While the aforementioned aspects are critical, you should not overlook the importance of hiring a geotechnical engineer. Some people tend to think that consulting with a geotechnical engineer is only imperative for commercial projects, but this is untrue.

If you want to ensure that the lot you have chosen is viable for your project's needs, be it a bungalow or a multistorey house, the ground needs to undergo thorough testing. Read on to learn the importance of enlisting the services of a geotechnical engineer before construction.

A geotechnical engineer will establish the overall quality of the lot

Before your contractors start digging up a foundation for your project, it is essential to have a geotechnical engineer inform you about the quality of the land. This assessment to determine the condition of the lot goes a long way in ensuring that engaging in the construction project will be safe. In addition to this, the assessment can help with ensuring the project is underway without any hitches since the contractor will have an accurate representation of the lot.

To carry out this assessment, the geotechnical engineer will engage in soil testing, which helps with establishing the water levels below ground. Having this information will help with minimising the risk of foundation subsidence due to waterlogged spoil shifting. In addition to this, the assessment will also inform you of the quality of soil, and this determines if the ground is viable for the project.

A geotechnical engineer will help remediate contaminated land

If the quality testing uncovers that the soil on your lot is contaminated, a geotechnical engineer will be invaluable for the remediation process. This professional is trained in identifying different forms of contamination. In addition to this, they are also skilled in prescribing the best course of action to ensure that the contamination is eliminated in its entirety. For instance, if the project cannot move forward due to soil contamination, a geotechnical engineer will deliberate on various techniques including encapsulation, thermal soil radiation, bioremediation and more.

Knowing the right technique to employ will help in keeping your project on track since the remediation process will not take a considerable amount of time. Not to mention that it is also critical to have a geotechnical engineer handle the land remediation process for you per the regulations so that it is not subject to legal recourse down the line.