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Water Bore Drilling in South Australia: Your Questions Answered

Groundwater on your property is an affordable source of water for irrigation, livestock and domestic household greywater. If you have questions about water bore drilling in South Australia, look no further for the answers.

Can I drink water from my bore?

Whether on not the water is potable depends on the depth of the bore. Drinking water from a shallow bore is not recommended, as contamination is highly likely. Deep bores, however, are more likely to have high-quality water, especially if it is constructed, sheltered and maintained well. Either way, bore water can only be deemed drinkable if it has been fully tested and approved by a water testing laboratory in accordance with the national drinking water guidelines.

How do I know if I have water on my property?

If you drill deep enough, you can access groundwater anywhere — it's the quantity and quality of groundwater available that is unsure. A professional licenced bore driller can give you a good estimation of water levels, salinity and contamination based on both experience and accessing the Australian groundwater database. While you can access the National Groundwater Information System yourself, it is a technical database, and your licenced drilling professional will be able to interpret the data for you.

Do I need a permit for water boring?

Yes, a well permit is required in South Australia to access groundwater on your property, and you may also need a water licence to remove groundwater. This legislation is in place to protect the groundwater resources in South Australia, and as such, you are also required to use a licenced water bore driller for bore construction or maintenance. You can speak with your local licenced driller for more information.

What ongoing fees and maintenance will there be for the bore?

After the upfront cost of drilling and installing a bore, you do not have to pay for the bore water you use. You are required to maintain the bore to ensure groundwater safety, and if you are using your bore water for irrigating edible gardens, quality testing is recommended. For specific bore water use regulations and fees in your area, please contact your local council or the natural resources officer in your council area.

For more information about water bore drilling or to start a project on your property, contact your local bore driller or a company that offers water bore drilling services for assistance.