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Are you looking for an easy way to transport someone in a wheelchair?

Are you looking for a way to safely transport a wheelchair user in a vehicle without requiring them to get out of the wheelchair? While having the wheelchair user sit on a car seat for the duration of the journey might seem the obvious solution, it is rarely a viable option. If an individual has limited mobility, then they may not be able to quickly manoeuvre themselves out of the chair and onto the car seat. Transferring back to the wheelchair at the end of the journey could be equally problematic, especially if the driver of the vehicle is unable to easily support them during the transition. However, transporting a wheelchair user while they stay in the chair can bring problems of its own.

Safe transportation of wheelchairs

When you put a wheelchair in the back of your vehicle you will notice immediately that it rolls across the floor whenever the vehicle is moving and is liable to tip over if you need to brake sharply or turn a corner quickly. Obviously, you cannot leave the wheelchair passenger rolling about in the back of the vehicle, but what can you do? You could try tying the wheelchair into position, but to do so effectively is difficult and time-consuming. A far better option is to have proper wheelchair restraints fitted into your vehicle so that every time you need to take a journey with a passenger in a wheelchair, you can quickly lock the chair into position and then drive away with the confidence that the chair isn't going to move until you decide to unlock the wheelchair restraints at the end of the journey.  

Choosing your wheelchair restraints

When you need to select wheelchair restraints, you will need to match them with both the wheelchair and the vehicle you intend to use. Wheelchair restraints are available in a range of options, and you must think about the aesthetics of the wheelchair restraints and whether they will look out of place in your vehicle. Perhaps more significantly, you will need to think about the locking mechanism that the restraints use and how easy you will find it to lock and unlock it on each journey. Once you have established that your chosen restraints will lock around the wheels of the chair, you must think about where you want to place the wheelchair within the vehicle. The location you pick must have sufficient open floor space to allow the restraints to be fitted permanently into position on the floor of the vehicle without causing a problem.

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