Being the Best in the Business

Four reasons to embrace workwear

What image does your business present to your customers? When you are focused on growing your business, it can be tempting to allow your staff to wear whatever they want while carrying out their daily tasks. You have so many other things to worry about that staff uniforms can seem trivial and unimportant. However, in reality, there are lots of reasons that workwear should matter to your company.

Workwear offers customers help

Your employees represent your business and are the first point of contact for your customers. When a customer wants to speak to a member of your team, they must be able to quickly identify your staff. You could use badges, but by equipping your staff with clearly identifiable uniforms, you make it easy for your customers to find help when they need it.

Workwear offers security to your customers

Workwear uniforms on your business premises can be useful, but if your staff make house-calls, workwear becomes vital. Whether you are delivering goods, fixing appliances or carrying out work on their home, customers will want to know the visitors' identity before they open the door or let them into their home. Providing workwear in your corporate colours with the company name clearly visible provides reassurance that your staff are who they claim to be and that they can be trusted.

Workwear keeps employees safe

One of the problems with allowing staff to wear whatever they wish is that you can't be sure that they will be dressed appropriately at all times. Some jobs involve standing in a cold environment for hours. At other times an employee may need to do dirty jobs or something that could be potentially dangerous. By establishing a corporate workwear policy, you can be certain that everyone will have suitable clothing whatever their job involves. With a workwear policy, there is no risk of someone arriving in flimsy clothing to complete a cold job. Workwear also avoids the risk of someone wearing clothing that could be easily caught in machinery and cause an injury.  

Workwear offers you free advertising

As a company, you must be aware of the need to remain at the forefront of your customers' consciousness. No doubt, you will have an advertising program in place, but your employees offer you a great way to remind people about your business. They will travel around your neighbourhood, probably using public transport or using local shops while wearing their workwear. They take your company brand into places that your advertising could never reach.

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