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4 Quirky Types of Roller Blinds For Your Eclectic Home

Think roller blinds are boring? Think again! While many roller blinds come in neutral, solid colours perfect for a minimalist interior, there are so many more varieties out there. If you want all the benefits of blinds, from privacy to light control, with all the vibrancy and appeal of unique curtains, roller blinds could be the solution for you.

Here are four types of roller blinds that will bring a pop of excitement to your quirky, kitsch, or eclectic home design.

1. Glitter roller blinds

Love glitz and glam? Consider glitter roller blinds. With a glittering surface, these blinds bring the shimmer of a sequinned dress or a Christmas craft project into a useful home decoration. They're perfect for adding a taste of glamour to your space, and they're available in a variety of textures and colours.

Small-grain glitter is great for blending into a room that already has a lot of standout features, while larger glitter will catch the eye immediately and become the centrepiece of a room.

2. Metallic roller blinds

If glitter's not your style but you still enjoy the shine, consider metallic roller blinds instead. These blinds are perfect for creating a modern, sleek look that still stands out. They reflect light in a way that will brighten any room, which has the added benefit of making your space feel lighter and more open.

If you've chosen cool tones for paints, wallpapers, or furniture for your room, look at cool silver or gunmetal grey blinds. For warmer colour schemes like red, orange, and yellow, opt for warm bronze or copper blinds.

3. Printed roller blinds

Roller blinds don't have to be solid colours; you can find varieties with all sorts of fun, funky, or elegant prints. While you might think that busy prints would make a room feel smaller, the opposite is actually true. A small print placed strategically in a room can make the space feel bigger. To make the most of this optical illusion, look for prints with light colours and small patterns.

If you're not keen on any of the printed blind designs you see in stores, you can even have them custom made with your own pattern or photos, giving your room a truly personalised touch.

4. Cutout roller blinds

If you're not fussed about light control, you can even find roller blinds with cutouts. These small gaps let light in, but they still maintain privacy, and they can look incredibly cool. You can opt for cutout patterns for a slightly more understated look, or you can choose blinds with images die-cut into them. For a real conversation piece, check out skyline cutout roller blinds, which recreate the look of a city at night in your own home.

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